Why Staffbravo

You can still be a good employer without any systematic methodology in staff recognition. But you cannot be considered Outstanding Employer!

Exceptional Employees can only deliver maximum performance only if they feel respected, valued and rewarded.
STAFFBRAVO is a solution to engage your best performing employees!

What is Staffbravo

Staffbravo is an Online Employees Recognition and Reward System.

The core method is to convert extra miles, extra effort and ideas into our reward currency ‘bravo'.
Whenever an employee achieves the set milestones, a rewarding plan takes place.

The system contains three modules:
'ExtraMile Bravo': Reward Extra Mile
'IdeasBravo: Reward Practical Ideas
'GoalBravo': Reward Outstanding Performance

What is the plan

Your Engagement: Take the decision to apply the system.

Our Action 1: Customise the platform to your Brand Identity and Goals.

Our Action 2: We educate your Team how to create and retain Culture of Recognition.

Our Action 3: We educate your team how to apply the system.

Common Action 4: You launch the system and we follow up on permanent basis.

Fees involved: Take advantage of our intro-package 'Subsidised Seminars for Staffbravo'.

"StaffBravo: Reward Extra Mile, Reward Extra Effort, Reward Ideas beyond Usual."

Staffbravo is the indicator of staff culture, and consequently, customer culture!

Profitability and Growth of any Organization begins with highly engaged Employees. Engagement begins with recognising employees for Extra Mile, Extra Effort, Great Ideas etc..

It’s not solely about celebrating your Employees, its about creating a visionary culture that revolves around recognition, appreciation and empathy. Your people deserve Staffbravo!

Recognise and reward in real time

Access staffbravo.com from all your devices and interact with it in real time. We'll make sure your people know what's going on the moment it's happening!

Customisable and parametrisable

StaffBravo is as unique as your business culture. Set values, goals, and best practises as desired, signalising what's important to you!

Classification and categorisation

Bravos can be sent & received from internal as well as external sources. Let both management and people engage in nominating each other. Significance of each bravo will be classified.


Extra Miles and Best Practices define your company’s added value against your competitors.


Ideas Bravo

Α module where valuable ideas can be openly submitted. Reward your staff for generating added value.


Reward performance, goal achievements, reward effort beyond duties and obligations.


Customer and Associate Bravo